Professional development prize draw

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Everyone attending The PIEoneer Awards 2022 will be entered into our free prize draw (unless you opt out at booking), to win our Professional Development prize, kindly sponsored by iCent. The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on Friday 9 September.

The prize is a free place on CONNECTed’s premium program, The Micro-MBA in EdTech & Higher Education Strategy online certificate course.

The course presents a multi-disciplinary and contemporary view of the international education sector, which together with its proprietary strategic framework, affords participants the opportunity to develop effective strategy in accord with their institution's objectives. The course is peppered with insights from a raft of thought leaders including Paul LeBlanc, Brandon Busteed, Michelle Weise, Terri Givens, Michael Horn, David Blake, Ryan Craig, Josh Jarrett, Liz McMillen, Patrick Brothers, Sean Gallagher, Nelson Baker, Jeff Borden and 70+ other leading minds.

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The 8-week course starts in October 2022 and includes the following modules:

Module 1 - Leaning into the future of Higher Education
Module 2 - Digital transformation in Higher Education
Module 3 - The business of education
Module 4 - Marketing, enrolment and student retention
Module 5 - Partnering for success
Module 6 - Teaching and learning meets digital
Module 7 - Big data and learning analytics
Module 8 - Leading Higher Education

Participants are required to achieve 80% completion to receive your credential. On average, participants can expect to invest between 3-7hrs per week to navigate their way through the content and engage in discussion on important themes. While there are synchronous sessions strewn throughout the course, there are no compulsory live sessions. The course adopts modular release design principles whereby Modules are released sequentially at the start of each week. This helps cohorts stay together and maximises their engagement with a variety of industry experts complimenting the teaching team throughout the course. The nano-capstone they've defined is incrementally completed each week culminating in a consolidated and aggregated strategic framework. This architecture can be used to bring about change in your organisation and/or to compare your organisation's 'position' relative to the market as well as to the perception of your leadership team. Welcome to the (dis)course.

CONNECTed is a marketplace for ideas at the intersection of education, technology and sustainability. Through and with their community they crowdsource, curate, debate, analyse, synthesise, distribute and decide how to shift higher education from what ‘could be’ to what ‘should be’. Current needs suggest that we must learn to view the world and therefore education, in a new way. Higher education has in the past demonstrated its crucial role in introducing change and progress in society and is today considered a key agent in educating new generations to build the future, but this does not exempt it from becoming the object of an internal reformulation. Harnessing the collective wisdom of expert ed-sector professionals together with CONNECTed's operating system based on reason, conversation and trust, we build innovative, cohort-led learning experiences that prepare ed-sector leaders and their workforces for a rapidly changing world.

CONNECTed looks forward to welcoming the prize draw winner into the program together with the next cohort of inspiring minds intent on bringing about meaningful change in the world through "better" education.

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