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We are delighted to be supporting The Sophia Zaveri Foundation through The PIEoneer Awards 2022. In memory of Sophia, who died on March 15th 2020 when she was only 13 years old, the Sophia Zaveri Foundation directly assists charities which reflect the spirit, compassion and bi-cultural roots of her caring and nurturing nature. Sophia lived in the UK, but was born in Brazil and loved going back there to visit. She loved the warmth and the people, and whenever she saw a poor person or a young child selling something to make money, she would say, “Can’t we help them or please buy something?” Sophia loved children and helping others, and had already decided that she wanted to help orphans and the poor in her gap year before university. Sadly, she will never have that chance, but her family believed she would have become a doctor, nurse or teacher so that she could do as much as possible to help others. The Foundation provides support in four crucial areas:

Support for Orphanages
Sophia always loved young children. She liked to play with them, make them laugh, take care of them and always felt comfortable and fulfilled around younger kids. She wanted to work with orphans in the future and the Foundation provides continuous year-round support of food and supplies to an orphanage in Salvador, which shelters and educates young children. Depending on donations and ongoing funding, the foundation hopes to build and open a new orphanage. The lady in the image below has run the orphanage for almost 50 years in this tough part of town. She proudly says that some of her first orphans are now grandparents with their own families, success and stability. With your support you can keep her orphans safe, fed and educated. She's 92 ❤

Support for Families in Extreme Poverty
The foundation supports 15 families in a small town in Bahia, Brazil, who are in extreme poverty. This means they are earning less than R$600 a month, which is approximately US$105, £78 or €93 at today’s exchange rate (Jan 2022). These are families who are not covered by government aid programmes and rarely have enough food to eat. The foundation directly supplies food and other items such as girl's sanitary protection products for them every month.

Support for those living in deprived Old Folks' Homes
Care for the elderly who are on the fringes of society is scant in Brazil, especially if those senior citizens have mental health issues. The Foundation supports a charity which provides accommodation to these needy seniors. Support is directly delivered in the form of food, supplies, building maintenance and 'luxury' items such as adult nappies. By donating, you will be bringing relief and joy to these deserving elders. There is very little in life that is as satisfying as giving someone the gift of dignity.

Support for Future Doctors from Impoverished Families
The Foundation supports students from very poor families who, despite going to under-funded & under-equipped state high schools, were smart enough to get into one of the highly competitive federal universities where they are studying to become doctors. However, even though education is free in Brazilian federal universities, students often fail or drop out because they can’t even afford the bus fare to university, or they have to stop their studies in order to work to help feed the family or to deal with other life needs and hardships. The Foundation covers a significant part of their expenses for the rest of their university studies to make sure that they can complete their degrees and achieve their dream of being a doctor or teacher. Depending on funding, we hope to increase the number of students supported each year.

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Watch a short video about the inspiring work they do: Sophia Zaveri Foundation's work with Perolas de Cristo Orphange.