Mariam Shaikh

Vice President Student Experience and External Relations
Amity University, Dubai

Ms. Mariam Shaikh joined Amity University in May 2012. She has over 30 years of experience in the education field having worked as Head of Student Recruitment & Admissions for prominent universities in Canada and Dubai.

Educated in the United States and India, Ms. Mariam Shaikh started her career as Headmistress of an Indian School for over 3000 students. She also served as member of the Board of Advisors for the group of seven schools in UAE. Following this, she moved into Career Counseling for High School students guiding them in their choice of programs and future job aspirations.

Appointed to establish and run the first Canadian University Centre in Dubai for the University of New Brunswick, she successfully sent hundreds of students to study in Canada gaining recognition from the Canadian Consulate and Embassy for her dedicated efforts. She has worked as Head of Marketing & Student Recruitment with the University of New Brunswick in Canada, The Canadian University of Dubai, Heriot Watt University & Amity. Developing educational institutions to attain target student population has been her specialty, and profiling students for the most suitable academic direction has been her research.

In her current role as Vice President Student Experience & External Relations, her goal is to create a holistic positive environment to support students throughout their journey in Amity University Dubai. She actively works on linkages and partnerships with several International Universities around the world forging partnerships to add to the student experience and provide cross cultural and enrichment exposure to students by promoting student and faculty exchange.

Her positive "can do" attitude and winning smile makes her a favorite with students and parents.She has chaired several High School boards and international panels examining research and innovation issues regarding set up of foreign institutions. She is actively involved and passionate about anything and everything that concerns the student.