Jorick Beijer

Independent Global Student Housing Expert, Netherlands

Jorick Beijer is an independent global student housing expert. Over the last few years Jorick has been Director and driving force behind The Class of 2020, Europe’s leading think tank on student living, working and learning. With over 90 global partners, The Class is well positioned in the nexus of alternative investments, urbanism and talent management. The Class provides thought leadership through original research, advisory projects, publications and organised events.

Jorick has a comprehensive and international approach to urbanism acquired through his studies in urban design and planning obtained in between Delft, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires. As an urban strategist, Jorick has vast experience in working on forward thinking projects for governments, real estate investors and universities, bringing together complex multi-stakeholder teams. Jorick is a visiting studio teacher at Delft University of Technology and a global keynote speaker in the cities space.