Tamsin Plaxton

Co-Founder and President
Tamwood Group, Canada

Tamsin has been an entrepreneur in the education industry since 1993. She is the Co-Founder and President of the Tamwood group of companies which now operates eight junior centres/camps, three language schools, three career colleges and a work and travel and volunteer company in Canada and the USA.  Prior to launching Tamwood, Tamsin put in many long days working as a barrister in Vancouver. 

Tamsin has recently opened the Global Startup School @ Tamwood Careers in Vancouver, an innovative college program that takes students through all the milestones of starting a new business, from ideation to launch.

In addition to her career, Tamsin is also a mother to an active 11 year old and owner of an even more active Jack Russel Terrier. She enjoys volunteering as a board member for the Social Plastic Foundation and spends many weekends skiing or road biking with family and friends. Tamsin values curiosity, continuous improvement and legacy.